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OP Art Foundation


The OP Art Foundation has a collection of highly valued stringed instruments which it lends to young, talented musicians. It also promotes visual arts by acquiring modern artists' works exhibited on OP Financial Group's premises.

Valuable musical instruments

Since 1987, the OP Art Foundation has supported music performance by lending its highly valued musical instruments to young, talented musicians. These instruments have been used in several recordings and their players have won international contests, but first of all they have provided many young musicians with the opportunity to build up a career enabled by a unique instrument. 

The Foundation currently owns nine historical, highly valued instruments: five violins, two violas and two cellos. A group of experts selects the musicians to whom the instruments are lent, based not only on their previous achievements but also challenging future plans. 

Musical instruments and their holders
  • Antonio Stradivarius violin, the "Irish", 1702: Kasmir Uusitupa

  • Carlo Antonio Testore violin, 1730: Jukka Untamala

  • Charles Gaillard violin, 1867: Eeva Oksala

  • Pierre & Hippolyte Silvestre violin, 1843: Hanna Parviainen

  • Ferdinandus Gagliano violin, 1767: Terhi Paldanius

  • Leonhard Maussiell viola, 1722: Sauli Kulmala

  • Joannes Florenus Guidantus viola, 1737: Jussi Tuhkanen

  • Giovanni Grancino cello, 1698: Joona Pulkkinen

  • Nicolas Lupot cello, 1795: Lauri Kankkunen

  • John Terry cello, 1989: Inka Saavalainen

The Art Foundation was founded in 1987 to manage the first musical instruments acquired by the then Pohjola Bank in the mid-1980s and enhance this collection. For example, the bank bought Stradivarius in the US in 1986. 

Art collection

The OP Art Foundation's other key task is to promote Finnish modern visual arts by acquiring works of art directly from their creators, the art collection comprising paintings, sculptures and graphic arts. The Foundation augments its collection every year, making use of experts in the field. 

Last modified 27.8.2015

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