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Stockholm terrorist strike



There was a terrorist strike in Stockholm on 7 April, in which four people died and several were injured. We offer our sincere condolences to those affected - our thoughts are with the relatives of the victims and go out to those injured in the attacks. We request Finns who are currently in Stockholm and who have reserved a trip to Stockholm to follow bulletins and instructions issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs at

Important information regarding travel insurance:

Travel accidents and travel illnesses

Any injuries related to the events in Stockholm will be considered travel accidents. Any psychological symptoms associated with these events can be covered as travel illness.

Missed departure or delay

If the person insured misses the departure or has to wait for the start of the journey due to measures taken by authorities concerning public traffic, it may be possible to get compensation under the terms and conditions of a traveller's insurance policy. Please report any losses in our online service.

Interruption and cancellation of a trip

Under the insurance terms and conditions, interruption or cancellation is not indemnified if caused by a terror attack.

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