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Changes in Eurooppalainen Emergency Services



Eurooppalainen's Emergency Service for travellers now only has one service number, +358 10 253 0011, available round the clock, every day of the year.

Eurooppalainen Emergency Service will help you if you are injured or fall ill during a trip abroad. Our services include helping you find a reliable doctor or hospital at your destination, and with any payment commitment matters. You should always contact the Emergency Service if you are hospitalised or need to have examinations or surgery.

If your travel insurance card has phone numbers for Doctor on duty or SOS-International, you should no longer use them.

You can also find the nearest doctors and hospitals recommended by Eurooppalainen and instructions for losses in OP Claim Help, claimhelp.op.f and OP-mobile.

OP Claim Help also includes instructions if, for example, your luggage is stolen during travel, your holiday is interrupted or you have an accident with your car.

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