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If things go wrong during holiday - here's what to do



In case of any loss or accident, the easiest and quickest way to make a loss report is to use your bank identifiers and log into eInsurance Services. Most loss reports today are filled in online.

Handling matters online is much faster and easier than traditional methods. You can file a claim when it is convenient to you. Go online to or 'My policies' ('Omat vakuutukset') to fill in a pre-completed loss report.

Filling in a loss report online

Have available all documents and receipts related to the loss.

Traveller claim

  • Fill in a loss report if the loss amount exceeds the deductible.

  • Enter each expense and medication separately, and remember to include the name of each drug. Explain what illness or accident caused each expense.

Luggage loss

  • Fill in a loss report if your luggage has been damaged, stolen or otherwise lost or you have incurred expenses because your luggage arrived late.

  • Itemise all expenses.

You may any time supplement your loss report at Send receipts or other documentation only if requested, but keep them for six months.

Once you have submitted the loss report, we will take over and be in touch with you if necessary. You can follow online how your claim is being processed, and submit extra documentation.

File a loss report over the telephone

You can also report a loss by calling our telephone service on +358 (0)10 253 1333 on weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm. In most cases, the loss report can be filed during the telephone conversation, and you will in any case receive more information on how to proceed with your claim. Keep all documents related to the damage at hand when you make the call.

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