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Banking and financing services from Osuuspankki


At best, the management of personal finances is easy and flexible when you have access to services and financing options that best suit your situation in life. As an OP-Pohjola Group customer, you will have access to versatile and cheap banking services offered by a large finance group - close to you at your local Osuuspankki.

Accounts, cards and payments

Osuuspankki offers you suitable accounts for daily transactions and more long-term saving and investing. You will find the card best suited to your needs from our card selection. Through Internet bank, you can easily pay your bills and get information about the situation of your accounts, investments and loans. Our versatile web services also include electronic account statements and e-invoices.


Are you planning on buying a new home? Ask for a competitive housing loan offer from Osuuspankki. In addition to housing loans, Osuuspankki offers different financing solutions for different life situations and small and large dreams. Read more about Osuuspankki's loan options and find your own form of financing.

Savings and investments

Are you a long-term saver or do you want a better return with higher risks? Osuuspankki offers different options for savers and investors. 

We have a vast selection of funds for our customers; short-term and long-term fixed income funds, combination and equity funds, hedge funds and JPMorgan funds. You can also save for instance through insurance saving or by investing in shares. 

Concentration is worthwhile

You can benefit from centralising your banking and insurance transactions with OP-Pohjola in many ways. You can receive OP bonuses on regular loans, savings and investments which you the use to pay for banking services and Pohjola's insurance policies. You also receive many other benefits of monetary value. 

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