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Every home needs insurance. Home Insurance provides cover for your home, cottage and movable property in case of burglary, fire or sudden leakage loss, for example.

Home Insurance gives security to your home and movable property!

Home Insurance can insure your home and home contents easily with a single policy. Home Insurance covers your home, cottage, buy-to-let home, and also your tenant's insurance needs. So, whether you rent your home and own it, OP will insure it.

You can get coverage for the following with a single home insurance policy:

  • Detached house (also under construction)

  • Block of flats

  • Terraced house

  • Single-family house

  • Semi-detached house

  • Outbuilding

  • Sauna building

  • Holiday home

We will offer you a policy that meets your needs. Once you have answered a few specific questions, we will offer you a suitable insurance package to cover home losses. We will also quote a price, after which you can still affect the insurance content.

Go to our online shop by clicking on the Buy insurance button, and we will suggest some policies to you.

The insurance is issued by OP Insurance Ltd.

Buy insurance (in Finnish)

You can also learn more about our home insurance policy options in the table below.

Help is near!

All sorts of accidents occur at home, and you can rely on us as your insurers to help you. We can, among other things, replace damaged furniture and home appliances and get you new electronics, valuables, bicycles and prams in case of theft. We can also repair signs of break-in or vandalism, and leaking pipes and any water damage they have caused. We will be there for you to have storm or flood damage repaired.

EUR 150 deductible benefit for MyHome Insurance through loyalty

Our MyHome Insurance provides your detached house and holiday home with as extended cover as you need. At its most comprehensive, it will cover the entire building including the movable property, but you can also tailor you policy as you wish. As a premium customer, you can have a unique added benefit included in your MyHome Insurance policy: in the case of damage caused by fire, natural phenomena or crime when the deductible level chosen is EUR 150 and the amount of damage is over EUR 150, we will not charge you a deductible. Make use of this benefit by concentrating your banking and insurance with OP.

Home Insurance - comprehensive cover for your home, cottage and movable property.
Fire and natural phenomenaYou receive compensation for losses caused by fire, soot, explosion, heavy rain, freshwater or saltwater flooding, hail storm, lightning or tornado.
Crime coverYou receive compensation for losses caused by theft, robbery, burglary or vandalism.
Equipment breakage coverYou will be compensated when a pipe, machine or a piece of technical equipment (air source heat pump, boiler etc.) in your house breaks or when household machines (washing machine, dishwasher etc.) break because of an electrical phenomenon or for a mechanical reason.
Pipeline leakage coverYou will be compensated if, for example, pipes burst or a household appliance breaks, resulting in water damage.
Breakage and loss coverYou receive compensation for property breakage or loss if, for example, a television set falls down when you are moving it, or a paint pot falls on the floor and paint is splashed on a tile wall.
Liability insuranceYou will be compensated if you or your family member causes personal injury or property damage for which you are liable by law.
Legal expenses insuranceYou will be compensated for legal expenses of disputed civil cases, criminal cases and non-contentious civil cases concerning your private life.

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