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Loyalty Benefits for Customers of OP


We are pleased to offer you a package of banking and insurance services that meet your needs. By using us as your main bank and insurer, you will make the most of your valuable benefits, such as OP bonuses and significant discounts on banking and insurance services.

The benefits of a loyal customer*

By using a full spectrum of our banking and insurance services, you will also enjoy other valuable benefits:

  • OP bonuses accruing from ordinary banking and insurance transactions. Bonuses are used to pay for bank service charges, insurance premiums and OP-Kiinteistökeskus real estate commissions.

  • Daily banking services at considerably lower costs.

  • Almost 10% discount on most of the Pohjola insurance policies.

  • Almost 18% off motor insurance policies with bonus entitlement.

  • Increasing the sum insured of life insurance by 30% free of charge. The percentage increase will be confirmed annually and will be effective one year at a time. (OP Life Assurance Company Ltd is the insurer).

  • A free-of-charge, one-year life insurance cover for parents of a child aged less than one year

  • A 150-euro benefit of the deductible under MyHome Insurance.

* You are considered loyal customer when you are a premier customer and either an owner-customer of a Group member cooperative bank or a customer of Helsinki OP Bank, whose personal or family members' monthly combined banking and/or insurance transactions come to at least 5,000 euros.

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