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Insurance Premiums Also Bring OP Bonuses



OP bonuses accrue from not only banking transactions but also insurance premiums for home, family and motor vehicle policies (Extrasure and Motor Vehicle Cover). Bonuses come from paid premiums and this also applies to the portion paid using OP bonuses.

A Group member bank owner-customer and a Helsinki OP Bank customer, whose personal or family's monthly banking transactions, insurance premiums or both come to at least 5,000 euros, earn OP bonuses.

Do you know how much OP bonus you can earn?

Our bonus calculator (available in Finnish and Swedish) at will show you how much OP bonus you could earn from your personal banking transactions or, say, those of your whole family. Please try out our bonus calculator at

OP bonuses can also be used to pay insurance premiums

Accrued OP bonuses will automatically be used for payment of not only banking services but also premiums for  home, family and motor vehicle insurance policies. Bonuses will be either partly or fully used to offset your insurance premiums, depending on your bonus pool.

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