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Jouko Pölönen to resign from OP

21.12.2017 klo 07:00

OP Corporate Bank plc
Stock Exchange Release
21 December 2017 at 8.00 am EET

Jouko Pölönen to resign from OP

Jouko Pölönen will resign from the membership of OP Financial Group's central cooperative Executive Board and from CEO of OP Corporate Bank plc and from CEO of Helsinki Area Cooperative Bank by the end of June 2018 to join and act as CEO of Ilmarinen. Jouko Pölönen has been employed by the Group since 2001 and he has been responsible for the Banking segment on the Group level since 2014 as an Executive Board member.

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OP Corporate Bank is part of the leading Finnish customer-owned financial services group, OP Financial Group. OP Corporate Bank and OP Mortgage Bank are responsible for OP's funding in money and capital markets. As laid down in the applicable law, OP Corporate Bank, OP Mortgage Bank and their parent company OP Cooperative and other OP Financial Group member credit institutions are ultimately jointly and severally liable for each other's debts and commitments. OP Corporate Bank acts as OP's central bank.

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