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Investor Relations


Interim Reports Q1-3/2017

OP Financial Group, OP Corporate Bank plc and OP Mortgage Bank published their interim reports for Q1-3/2017 on 1 November 2017. Publications are available on our website.

Financial Calendar

Publishing dates for OP Financial Group's, OP Corporate Bank plc's and OP Mortgage Bank's financial reporting in 2018.

Annual Report and Financial Statements 2016

OP Financial Group published its Annual Report for 2016 on Tuesday, 28 February 2017. OP Financial Group's Report by the Executive Board and Financial Statements as well as OP Corporate Bank plc's and OP Mortgage Bank's Report by the Board of Directors and Financial Statements as well as Corporate Governance Statements available on our annual report website.

Pohjola Bank plc became OP Corporate Bank plc as of 4 April 2016

Business names beginning with Pohjola changed to those beginning with OP as of 4 April 2016. From now on, unsecured bond issuer Pohjola Bank plc is OP Corporate Bank plc. Covered bond issuer OP Mortgage Bank's name remains unchanged. Pohjola Insurance Ltd was renamed OP Insurance Ltd.

Debt Investors

OP Financial Group seeks funding in the international markets through its issuing entities OP Corporate Bank plc and OP Mortgage Bank.

Credit Ratings

OP Financial Group aims at maintaining an AA rating for long-term funding affirmed by at least two credit rating agencies or credit ratings at least at the main competitors' level.

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