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OP Financial Group


Pohjola is part of OP Financial Group, the leading financial services group in Finland. OP Financial Group is made up of some 180 member cooperative banks and OP Cooperative which they own, including its subsidiaries and closely related companies. Pohjola Bank plc is the OP Cooperative's most significant subsidiary acting as OP Financial Group's central bank responsible for liquidity and international operations for the Group.

Being part of OP Financial Group provides Pohjola with competitive advantage. Pohjola's and OP's shared logo is among the most recognisable ones in Finland. Operating through the most extensive service network in Finland, Pohjola has remarkable growth and cross-selling potential. OP has more than four million customers, of whom joint banking and non-life insurance customers total approximately 1.5 million. With some 350 branches providing banking and non-life insurance services, the Group boasts the broadest customer base and the most extensive branch network in Finland.

Asiakkaat 2011

Credit institutions within OP Financial Group are liable for each other's debts and commitments. Being part of OP strengthens Pohjola's creditworthiness.

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