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Identification service


Does your company need to identify its customers? The Tupas identification service allows you to reliably identify OP-Pohjola Group's Web banking customers who access your services. With the identification service, you can also identify customers who use a mobile certificate provided by any teleoperator.

How the service works
  • The service provider directs its customer to be identified by OP-Pohjola Group's web service.

  • The customer enters his/her online banking identifiers and returns to the service provider's pages.

  • With mobile authentication service, the customers enter their mobile phone number and receive a message that asks for the mobile authentication number. Using this indentification method requires that the customer registers as a user of the mobile certificate.

  • The service provider uses the identification data received from the bank.

Benefits of the service
  • The customers do not need separate passwords for the service. The customers actively use the bank's online service identifiers and remember them.

  • It is easy and cheap for your company to start using the service because this is a joint bank standard.

  • The bank's systems are extremely reliable.

Introduction of the service

You can start using the service once you have made an agreement with your account-holding bank. You can use the test identifiers to try out the service.

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