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Branch offices abroad


OP offers:

  • corporate banking services in the Baltic countries

  • non-life insurance services in the Baltic countries

  • and has a representative office in St. Petersburg

Corporate Banking services

OP Corporate Bank has branch offices in all Baltic countries.

A Finnish company can open a bank account in Estonia, in Latvia or in Lithuania by visiting its local OP Financial Group member cooperative bank or through OP Corporate Bank plc.

This service enables corporate customers to

  • manage their Baltic-bank accounts from Finland through the same banking software as their other bank accounts;

  • send one payment file from Finland, for making  payments from their Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian accounts;

  • benefit of Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian fast processing of domestic payments and low costs;

  • concentrate funds from their bank accounts in the Baltic countries to a Finnish bank account with OP with same day value transfers, thus making the most of their accounts' interest;

  • make use of the automatic  sweeping service.

Other OP's services available in the Baltic countries are:

  • Corporate loans at OP's Estonian branch office (Latvia and Lithuania during 2013)

  • Finance lease services provided by OP Finance in all of the three Baltic countries

  • Non-life insurance services through Seesam

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