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Asset Management



OP Asset Management provides comprehensive asset management services, both discretionary and advisory investment management. It has a leading position as the asset manager of both Finnish institutions and wealthy private individuals. Furthermore, the portfolio management of OP Fund Management Company Ltd's mutual funds is mainly centralised within OP Asset Management.

Our portfolio management services cover euro-denominated fixed-income investments and European equities, Eastern Europe and Russia included. The allocation decisions between asset classes are made by OP Asset Management itself.

We have our own trading team for executing equity transactions, which ensures high efficiency in trading. Our portfolio management team of 37 portfolio managers and analysts is the largest in Finland. The success of our investment activities leans on a thorough analysis of information, team work and the management of investment risks.

OP Asset Management also has some 34 international partners boasting a wide range of funds for the needs of both institutional and private clients. In addition to conventional asset classes, we offer alternative investment solutions such as private equity funds, private equity real estate funds and hedge funds.

The Asset Management business line comprises OP Asset Management Ltd, OP Property Management Ltd, OP Asset Management Execution Services Ltd and the associated company Access Capital Partners Group SA.

At OP Asset Management, we have some 85 asset management experts taking care of client assets under our management, which currently total approximately EUR 40,6 billion.

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